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Update on Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention

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The Scottish Government has recently carried out a review of its European Structural Funds programme, of which SNH’s Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention is part.  They wish to discuss with Lead Partners, including SNH, extending the timescales for the current first phase of funding and agreeing the scope of a second phase.  They are also proposing a change to the National Rule (4.2.1 on Direct Staff Costs) which requires that staff must be contracted 100% to the project (this change would take effect in January 2018).  These are proposals at this stage, and will require EU approval. 

We will be discussing the implications of the review with our contacts in Scottish Government.  There is to be a Lead Partner event on 28 August when further detail will be given. 

In the short term, we have taken a decision not to reopen our Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund at this time as we had originally planned.  This is because the changes in timescales and in the National Rules are likely to be of benefit to prospective applicants and make it easier to deliver the sorts of community engagement projects we are trying to support. We have informed all those who had expressed an interest of this decision.   We will make an announcement as to when the Fund is to re-open as soon as we can.