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The Green Infrastructure Fund is open again in both Highlands & Islands and Lowland & Upland Scotland.  The closing date will be 31 October 2016.  The outcomes, eligible activities and priorities are the same as the first funding round.

Our Head of Green Infrastructure Fund attended the TCPA/ Green Infrastructure Forum conference in London this month. She was particularly struck by the evidence around the positive health benefits of access to green space and has shared some of the slides here.

In response to feedback from Round 1 applicants, we are revising the Application Form. Please do not use Round 1 Application Forms in preparing your application for Round 2. If you do, your application will not be accepted.

Designing a green infrastructure project well right from the beginning can make all the difference to a funding application to implement an idea. The CSGN Ideas Fund supports the development of innovative concepts/projects.

Your greenspace project idea may be too small scale for SNH’s Green Infrastructure Fund but have you considered ‘Tesco Bags of Help’?

As we didn’t receive any applications in the Highlands and Islands area, we will almost certainly have another round under this Challenge Fund. We will write to those who would be eligible to apply and will publish details as they become available.

Thank you to those organisations who applied to the Green Infrastructure Fund.  We received six applications in the Lowland and Upland Scotland area. These have now been screened and have passed on to be assessed by our panel of assessors.

We thought you should be aware that the Communications Toolkit has been updated.  The update refers to the last paragraph at the end of Section 3.2 Branding Requirements as follows:-

There is just over 1 week to go until Round 1 of the Green Infrastructure Fund closes (midnight on Friday 1st April 2016).  If you need further support with your application then please get in touch using our contact form and one of our Project and Funding Officers will get back to you.

21 June 2016, The Glasgow School of Art

2016 Central Scotland Green Network Forum

The Art of Placemaking